Tuesday 28 June 2022

HOST 2013 – Vibiemme machines, sensory perception goes beyond espresso

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MILAN – At Host VIBIEMME shows all its espresso coffee machines for professional and home use.

Vibiemme offers a range of professional coffee machines that combine the excellent quality/price ratio to the advantages of products developed according to artisan tradition: strength over time, attention to detail, aesthetics, uniqueness and originality.

In a highly competitive field, the professional Barista is looking for the possibility to choose the best and for both demonstrable performances and machines granting excellent and constant results in cup.

Over almost 40 years of experience, the company has gained the commercial vision and the technical expertise needed to offer this service to the end user.

From the technical point of view, the heart of all machines is the VBM branded E61 group, together with the thermosiphonic circulation and mechanical pre-infusion principles. The company has achieved the highest levels of specialization with respect to its innovation, that was necessary to keep pace with the improvements in the world of coffee and Espresso.

Vibiemme’s answers to the increasingly specific questions arising from the market moved in different directions: – Willingness to customize the model according to the precise needs of the customer. – HX (Heater eXchanger) technology specialization (heat exchanger boiler system) – Development of 2B Technology (Multiboiler), alternative to the previous one, combined for the first time with the thermosiphonic circulation group by Vibiemme.

The combination of thermosiphonic circulation with Multiboiler technology and electronic temperatures control, is just what allowed Vibiemme to reach excellent results from the energy consumption point of view, while maintaining its superiority in terms of costs and ease of technical intervention.

The 2B technology (Multiboiler) allows you to control electronically, and thus accurately, pressure and temperature parameters for each single coffee shot, so as you can set coffee dosing and use one or more boilers for coffee brewing, for each group, independently from the steam boiler, which is especially dedicated to steam and water production.

Differently from the heat exchanger system (HX Technology) the ratio between water and steam inside the boiler is adjustable and its shift does not affect brewing temperature, since coffee boilers are totally independent inside the hydraulic circuit. The performances granted by multiboiler technology, first of all the thermal stability, represent the best choice for cafés with variable working rhythms due to energy savings resulting from the separate control of boilers, as well as for operators using more than one type of coffee blend.

Lollo: simply, all you need


Lollo is one of the Vibiemme most sold coffee machines all over the world. Conceived for customers who support medium daily coffee consumption, this espresso coffee machine is available in electronic and semi-automatic version, from 1 to 3 brewing groups and has been developed with HX technology (Heater eXchanger).



The thermosiphonic brewing group is a VBM-E64, namely the patented version of the E61 group, with an improvement in terms of weight (lighter). Absolutely competitive in terms of price, the Lollo has a pleasant appearance and it is easy both to use and maintain. Its name was chosen since the aesthetics of the machine reminds of a beauty from the past, with its simply perfect shapes as the famous Italian actress Gina Lollobrigida.

LOLLO-2groups-ELECTRONIC-HX Replica: solidity and quality for every need

Replica combines versatility to the strength of steel. This coffee machine is highly resistant and is a real reference point for many Vibiemme customers, so that over the years the company has developed different versions in order to meet the customers specific needs.

REPLICA3G-ELECTRONIC-2B It is available in 2, 3 or 4 groups operating in manual, semiautomatic, electronic and piston versions with heat exchanger (HX) technology; manual and electronic versions are also available with Multiboiler (2B) technology. Replica is conceived to withstand intense work and a high consumption of coffee.

REPLICA3G-MANUAL-DETAIL The Replica model with independent boiler technology (2B) combines temperatures control through software to the traditional thermosiphonic system, thus allowing a better coffee extraction and a constant result in the cup.

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