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UTZ CERTIFIED – Farmers in Malawi empowered through training

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands – UTZ Certified instructed master trainers and project managers in its certification procedures, internal control systems and good agricultural practices during a three-day session – August 6 to 8 – in Mulanje, Malawi.

During this training, representatives of producer groups from Zimbabwe and Malawi were able to share knowledge in different agricultural practices between the two countries. One of the participants commented to UTZ

“The training was quite good and we wish to carry on the message to the farmers and achieve the goals.”

Although Malawi is Africa’s second largest tea producing country, its smallholder tea sub-sector faces several problems such as low productivity and inconsistent quality. This results in low income levels and environmental degradation.

Since 2008, UTZ Certified has been promoting its Tea Program Code of Conduct in Malawi as part of its efforts to make sustainable farming a feasible practice in the country.

Today there are three UTZ certified estates in the country: Lujeri Tea Estate Ltd, Satemwa Tea Estate and Eastern Produce Malawi Limited, and two out grower groups linked to them, which are also certified under the estates’ certificate.

training-in-malawi2 UTZ Certified has an extensive country portfolio of certified tea sourced from Kenya, Indonesia, India, Argentina, Vietnam, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe and Colombia.

This training was financially supported by the Ford Foundation.

The Tea Research Foundation, the Tea Association of Malawi, Solidaridad and Sandra Kruger Associates also contributed with their expertise and experience.

More information on the tea program: https://www.utzcertified.org/en/products/tea