Wednesday 17 August 2022

USA – MauiGrown Coffee receives Starbucks’ Coffee C.A.F.E. certification

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LAHAINA, Maui, Hawaii – MauiGrown Coffee has received certification in Starbucks’ Coffee and Farmer Equity Practices (C.A.F.E.).

Starbucks Coffee Company initiated its C.A.F.E. Practices to evaluate, recognize, and reward producers of high-quality sustainably grown coffee that they purchase, while promoting social, economic and environmental standards in participating farms.

The environmental standards and employment practices of MauiGrown Coffee were screened and tested, and passed with flying colors to be one of Starbucks’ suppliers.

“MauiGrown Coffee is excited to be accepted into this elite club of coffee farmers and producers,” said Kimo Falconer, president of MauiGrown Coffee.

“Starbucks has made a true commitment to ensuring the ethical sourcing of coffee and we are excited to be recognized by this responsible certification program.”

Starbucks’ coffee connoisseurs have been enjoying MauiGrown Coffee’s coffee varietals at select store locations nationwide.

In fall 2012, MauiGrown Coffee’s signature Maui Mokka was chosen by Starbucks Coffee to be included in its esteemed Starbucks Reserve Coffee product line, as well as being served in select Starbucks Clover stores.

According to Starbucks, the company screens through thousands of coffees from all over the world, and only a precious few are exceptional enough to become a Starbucks Reserve Coffee.


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