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USA – Hawaii coffee crop down 4 percent in 2014/15, says estimate

The presence of CBB (coffee berry borer) may still be affecting Hawaii coffee crop, as shown in the most recent data from the state Department of Agriculture and National Agricultural Statistics Service Pacific Regional Field Office.

According to the report released last week, the preliminary estimate for the 2014/15 Hawaii coffee marketings is 8.1 million pounds, which is 4 percent lower than the last season. Also noted is the CBB, which “remains a concern for the industry, though controlling measures are showing signs of progress.”

However, Kona Coffee Farmers Association board member and Rancho Aloha owner Bruce Corker warns about jumping to the conclusion that decline is because of CBB.

“With respect to the published NASS statistics, there is no way of knowing whether or not the 4 percent statewide decline is due to declines in coffee production in Hawaii County — the only county, up until very recently, where CBB was known to be present,” he said.

The statewide farm price for coffee increased 8 percent from an average of $6.20 per pound last season to $6.70 per pound.

The farm revenue for coffee is estimated at $54.3 million for this season, 4 percent more than last season, the report stated.