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USA – The Common Thread Collective challenges you to a Day Without Coffee (for a good cause)

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INDIANAPOLIS, IN – The Common Thread Collective Issues A Day Without Coffee Challenge: Taking place on March 6, 2015 to raise funds for educating marginalized women.

The Common Thread Collective is issuing a challenge to coffee drinkers around the United States. On March 6th, the organization is asking people to set aside their cup of coffee to empower and educate marginalized women.

The challenge is a part of The Common Thread Collective’s current crowdfunding campaign to raise $16,400 towards the advancement of their current education and community center located in rural Uganda.

The organization needs 3500 people to pledge a cup to meet their final fundraising goal which will allow for upgrading sewing machines, introducing a new curriculum, hiring new mentors and coaches, bringing in new students, and furthering their goal of becoming a sustainable garment manufacturing facility that provides fair trade and responsible manufacturing options for designers and houses of all sizes.

The Common Thread Collective is an Indianapolis, Indiana based 501(c)3 that works to empower and educate marginalized women through providing economic and income opportunities.

The organization was founded in 2011 by Center Grove High School graduate, Jessica Wright, and currently works in the war torn village of Kapeeka, Uganda, which saw its occupants slaughtered during The War of the Bush.

Most of the women the organization work with were prostitutes and all have suffered traumatic abuse, both sexually and physically. They came to the program identifying as peasants, making under $10 a month, and often times without the knowledge to even write their own names.

To date, the organization has worked with over 42 women, teaching skills related to sewing, patternmaking, fashion design, and business. Local mentors and doctors teach health, sanitation, hygiene, sexual and maternal health, and female coaches teach the women financial and entrepreneurial lessons.

More information can be found at, the crowdfunding campaign is located at, and to take the pledge to give up a cup of coffee, interested participants will go to

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