Tuesday 03 October 2023

US – Who’s The Most Caffeinated?

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In which states of the US are you likely to find the most caffeinated Millennials? You might think that the home of Starbucks – Washington – would be the most caffeinated state.

Not quite! Washington posts a strong showing at #5, according to an analysis by Level Money, which makes a mobile app for budgeting.. In fact, says the California company, the most jittery Millennials can be found in Maine.

Perhaps it’s the cold weather or all the fishermen going for their morning joe. Overall, the Northeast figures strongly in the most caffeinated states in the US, with Maine followed by Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Connecticut. New York and Chicago (Illinois) make it into the top ten at #8 and #9 respectively.

What about the least caffeinated Millennials? Perhaps not surprisingly, Millennials don’t drink a lot of coffee in the South or the Plains States, or maybe they just make it for themselves.

In fact, a Millennial from Maine or Massachusetts spends six times as much at cafes as one from Mississippi or North Dakota. On average, the annual spending in Maine is over $300 per person [per year] compared to $47 per person in Mississippi

Source: Level Money

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