Monday 04 December 2023

US – Scott Tucker creates new coffee drinking game

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Nashville, TN – Scott Tucker, a fine artist who has been painting and creating for more than 20 years, has released a new coffee-drinking game for mature users. The game, called Coffee Cup, hits online stores February 1st.

Tucker created the game’s iconography using his years of art experience and plans to market the game in conjunction with Fun Games Blog, an entertainment blog. The game is played with cards, and was created to replace alcohol-based drinking games that Tucker missed while maintaining sobriety.

“Throughout my career I suffered from demons of an addictive personality,” says Tucker. “The Scott Tucker you know today is a completely different person thanks to the life changes I have made. Because I reached out for help, my art improved and I could create the truly inspirational work I had always dreamed of creating.”

Tucker teamed up with local card game enthusiasts to help create rules for the new game. The new coffee-drinking game has artistic coffee renderings from Tucker. Rules of the game follow closely to rules of basic drinking card games, except using sips of coffee instead of entire alcoholic drinks. The concept was born from an idea Tucker had when reflecting on his drinking days.

“I was having the best Portland coffee I had ever had, and it reminded me of the great feelings I used to have when I socially drank alcohol,” said Tucker. “I do not want any person to ever miss out on friendly card games just because they no longer drink.”

Fun Games Blog plans to sell the game online, as does Tucker on his personal website. The card game may be best for mature audiences. A portion of Coffee Cup proceeds will be donated to an addiction awareness organization.

By Diana Diaz

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