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US – The Roasterie K-Cups officially land on shelves throughout Kansas City as the only local single-serve option

KANSAS CITY, Mo. –The Roasterie Air-Roasted Coffee announces that the only local option for single-serve coffee that is loaded with more coffee than the industry average – weighing in with 11 grams of coffee versus 7 grams – is now officially available for sale in all three of the Roasterie Cafes, in Kansas City grocery aisles and on the World Wide Web.

The new single-serve coffees, designed for Keurig K-Cup brewers, are the freshest possible option in the market with more flavor as a result of The Roasterie’s signature air-roasting process for each blend.

Once the beans of any particular blend are air-roasted, ground and packed, the single-serve cups appear on retail shelves and online within 24 hours.

The Roasterie is also launching an online subscription program for the single-serve coffees with plans to offer for all packaged blends to never miss a drop or to share as a gift for the discerning coffee drinker on The Roasterie web site under each individual product with weekly and monthly options at a 10 percent discount.

Danny O’Neill, founder and owner of The Roasterie, worked with his team on the development of the new single-cup coffee line since early 2013.

The new line of six single-serve coffee blends responds to customer demands for The Roasterie to provide a local, premium option in the growing market sector of single-cup coffee.

Each Keurig K-Cup compatible single-serve cup of Roasterie coffee is nitrogen flushed, ensuring that less than 0.05 percent of oxygen is sealed inside.

The single-serve cups are not only convenient but are also recyclable, something not found with other standard K-Cup K-Cup single serve cups.

This is a major commitment by The Roasterie to minimize the environmental impact, along with the solar technology that powers the air-roasting of The Roasterie’s world headquarters

The initial six Roasterie signature blends offered as single-serve are:

  • 40 Sardines Blend,
  • Betty’s Recipe Flavored Blend,
  • Breakfast Blend,
  • Classic Cup Cafe Blend,
  • Full Vengeance Dark Blend, and
  • Kansas City Blend, The Roasterie’s top selling coffee.

The Roasterie has embodied the entrepreneurial spirit since its founding 20 years ago with continued innovation and product collaboration.

Creating the only local option in the single-serve coffee market is another product innovation in The Roasterie’s history.

The Roasterie is continually working to create and develop new products.

In 2012, The Roasterie launched a line of six signature hot teas. O’Neill and his team have partnered with a number of local entrepreneurial companies to collaborate on the development of new food and beverage products with The Roasterie signature blends, including Dizzy Three Vodka with Clear10 Vodka, Super Tuscan Barbecue Sauce and Coffee Rub with Original Juan, Artisanal Ketchup with Fine Foods of America, Coffee

Flavored Balsamic Vinegar with The Tasteful Olive, Roasterie Chocolate Bars with Andre’s Confiserie Suisse, and more.

Hundreds of The Roasterie coffee blends are created, sold and served online, sold in grocery stores and in more than 600 restaurants, universities, coffee shops, local destinations, businesses,  and specialty shops.

The Roasterie has three locally owned Roasterie Cafes in Kansas City’s Brookside neighborhood, Leawood’s Town Center Crossing and in the company’s new iconic headquarters with a vintage DC-3 aircraft perched atop, along with licensed cafes on the Sprint Campus and in Corinth Square’s Hen House Market in Prairie Village, Kan.