Tuesday 31 January 2023

US – J. Martinez’s Coffee Society enlightens new and curious gourmet coffee drinkers

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ATLANTA, GA – The gourmet coffee business, J. Martinez, is excited to announce the establishment of their elite Coffee Society. Membership is open to the public and free for anyone wanting to taste samples of delicious roasts and share their opinion.

This is a great way to receive complementary products and be involved in a growing, thriving community of coffee drinkers.

Put your taste buds and your taste testing skills to good use!

Remember, only Coffee Society members are eligible to receive unique and rare coffee espresso blends, some of which are not even available to paying customers at the time of sampling.

Talk about being part of the winner’s circle.

After becoming a member and informing J. Martinez of your processing and roasting preferences, they will send your order on the shipment interval of your choosing.

So, in addition to gaining exclusive access to some of the best coffee brands available on the market, Coffee Society members have full control over how many samples are sent and when the shipments are placed.

No matter if you are an avid drinker who loves trying out a diversity of blends or are a casual coffee lover who would not mind trying out a new brew every so often, the Coffee Society is an excellent choice.

According to John Martinez, Owner of J Martinez & Company, “We encourage every one to become a member and would like to remind folks that our rarest blends are in limited supply, so do not hesitate to join.

” The coffee supply company ensures all orders are vacuum-sealed and packed before leaving their facility.

Source: J. Martinez & Company

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