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US – Hula Daddy Kona Coffee wins first place in the Kona Coffee Cupping Competition

KONA, Hawaii – Hula Daddy Kona Coffee grower, processor and roaster of gourmet 100% Kona Coffee from its own 30 acre farm is the winner of the Kona Coffee Festival Cupping Competition.

Hula Daddy had the top score of all 54 entries from Kona’s finest coffee farms establishing again that it produces one of the finest coffees in the world.

“We have always been committed to growing, processing and roasting only the finest Kona coffee. If it doesn’t meet our standards, we sell it off to large processors who sell discount coffee,” said Karen Paterson, owner of Hula Daddy.

“The coffee we entered into the contest was an Arabica variety called Red Bourbon. We handpicked the beans for these trees five years ago, hand planted them in grow bags and then hand transplanted them to our high mountain farm on the Hualalai Volcano. We have waited five years for them to mature, believing they would be world class.”

Hula Daddy only processes coffee grown on its own plantation and only sells its coffee at its visitor center in Kona and on the Internet. “We ship our coffee daily to consumers all over the world,” according to Karen Paterson.