Wednesday 29 June 2022

US coffee market grew to US$87-88 billion in 2018, shows new report from Sca

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MILAN— The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) has announced the publication of the US Coffee Market Overview 2018. This report offers a large-scale understanding of coffee retail sales in the US and explores where people buy and consume their coffee. This information is valuable for industry players as it offers insight into directions for future growth.

Some findings include:

  • The retail value of the US coffee market continues to grow, reaching US$87-88 billion in 2018
  • Most retail sales of coffee in the US come from the “Away From Home” segment
  • “Away From Home” retail sales was almost US$74 billion, while sales of coffee purchased for “At Home” consumption was US$14 billion
  • Coffeehouses continue to be a significant place of consumption outside the home, accounting for US$26.6 billion in sales; nearly half of this amount is made up of coffeehouse sales in Starbucks’ branded outlets.

This year, the categories of “Away From Home” and “At Home” consumption were constituted differently than in previous years. For more information on how the categories shifted and a detailed breakdown of market growth for each, see the full report.

This data comes from a variety of sources, in combination with a review of selected filings and other publicly available information, including Euromonitor, NACS, NAMA, CSP Magazine, Automatic Vending Merchandiser, Technomic Inc., and IBIS World.

SCA Chief Executive Officer Yannis Apostolopoulos said, “The US coffee market offers a unique vantage point for an overview of the current coffee industry and consumer habits. We hope this report, created with data from a wide range of public sources, will provide valuable insights into what to expect in the coming months and year ahead.”

“A large-scale understanding of the coffee marketplace is essential to grasping a big picture overview of the coffee industry, which helps inform anyone in the coffee community. We hope this publication will support better decision-making, analysis, and understanding among coffee people and observers of the coffee industry alike,” added Peter Giuliano, Executive Director of the Coffee Science Foundation and SCA Chief Research Officer.

SCA research and market analysis is made possible thanks to the support of members of the SCA and donors of the Coffee Science Foundation, the SCA’s nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the understanding of coffee.

The new 2018 report is available to media upon request via email at The report is available for free to SCA members and for public purchase in the SCA Store here.

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