Monday 08 August 2022

US – Café Escapes launches Latte Creators for Keurig Vue Brewers

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WATERBURY, Vt. – Keurig Vue brewer owners, get ready to indulge: you can now turn your favorite coffee into a creamy, café beverage at the touch of a button with the arrival of Café Escapes Latte Creators.

Available online and at national retailers, these new Keurig Vue packs from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. (GMCR) will transform your morning coffee into a decadent, steaming latte in a matter of seconds.

Made with real dairy ingredients and certified with the REAL Seal, these specially designed frother packs are available in two classic flavors, including Creamy Latte and Chocolate Mocha. Fans can now mix and match these flavors with any coffee Keurig Vue pack to find their own favorite combination.

  • Creamy Latte: Savor the simple pleasure of your favorite coffee blended with lightly sweetened, steamy froth.
  • Chocolate Mocha: Experience the rich indulgence of a Chocolate Mocha made with your favorite coffee.

“Coffee drinkers often have their go-to favorite brews, and with the new Café Escapes Latte Creators, our fans can turn those coffees into delicious café style beverages at the touch of a button,” said David Sachs, Senior Vice President for GMCR’s Hot Beverage Systems.

REVISED_latte “Other two-step cappuccino and latte products for this system have been a great success for brands like Barista Prima Coffeehouse and Green Mountain Coffee, so we’re excited to give our fans the opportunity to create their own custom latte with the new Café Escapes Latte Creators, which are the first stand-alone frother packs made for the Keurig Vue brewing system.”

Café Escapes Latte Creators are part of the two-step Café Beverage collection made exclusively for Keurig Vue brewers. This process combines a separate dairy frother pack with a coffee pack to create a deliciously sophisticated beverage while maintaining the convenience of Keurig single cup brewing.

Café Escapes Latte Creators are available in 16-count boxes online at, for $11.99, as well as at select national retailers. Coffee Keurig Vue packs are sold separately.

Café Escapes is a collection of premium hot cocoas and dairy-based beverages available for your Keurig brewer. As a rich, decadent alternative to coffee, let Café Escapes expand your beverage horizons to a place of sweet rewards and calming satisfaction.

Each rich and delicious cup is less than 100 calories. Café Escapes is available in K-Cup and Vue packs for Keurig single cup brewing systems.

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