Monday 08 August 2022

US-based ECO News channel vows to promote Ethiopian Coffee

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The American news channel, ECO News, has pledged to promote Jimma coffee brand across the United States of America. The promoting will encourage farmers and coffee producers to sell their products at reasonable prices, they indicated.

Broadcast journalists of the US-based ECO News Channel have visited the coffee growing Guma Woreda of Jimma Zone. Manager of ECO News Channel, Lancy Lambert said the visit has enabled the journalists to obtain sufficient information about Ethiopian coffee which enables them to promote the product in America.

According to her, the channel will strive to promote Ethiopian coffee so that the farmers could benefit by penetrating the market in all parts of the United States of America.

The manager pointed out though a single cup of coffee is sold for seven dollars, it is a pity that the farmers are not able to benefit from their product. “We will therefore work together to make Ethiopian coffee get fair price.

According to Senior Promotion Expert of Oromia Culture and Tourism Bureau, Eyasu Anbese, the news channel that covers 50 states of the US has agreed to promote Ethiopian coffee and benefit the farmers.

He added that even if the government of Ethiopia is working hard to ensure the benefit of coffee producers and farmers, the slowdown in the global market is hindering the effort

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