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UNO – The new project for an “all Italian” coffee supply chain

MILANO – The first result from the partnership between Illy and Kimbo is a new capsule, available in different flavors, which will be produced by Mitaca using the Qi, the new machine produced by ACMAVOLPAK.

“UNO” (“one” in Italian) is the name, but it offers many different possibilities. The new capsule, produced by Mitaca (a company which is property of Illy at 50%) was born to reply to a ordinary needs for the coffee consumers: not being obliged to be bond with one brand and taste only.

So, the new “Uno” capsule is available in different flavors, but that’s not the main innovation: in fact, such flavors are respectively commercialized by two different brands: Kimbo and Illy.

This will allow the owner of a machine suitable to use “Uno” capsule to decide, from time to time, which kind of capsule would be more appropriate for his taste.

Uno capsule are produced by Mitaca using “Qi”, the new capsule filling machine produced by ACMAVOLPAK.

Francesco Minerba – Mitaca’s marketing and news business development director – told: «Our company has always been interested in technological innovations, and we found in the ACMAVOLPAK solution a proper response in terms of speed, compactness, and ergonomic features. We know the Bolognese company from a long time, and think that our collaborations will be profitable for both».

For more info: www.coffeepodia.com