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UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – Selamlique Turkish Coffee Istanbul launches its first retail in Abu Dhabi

Turkish Coffee brand embarks on expansion plans across the UAE

Selamlique Turkish Coffee Istanbul celebrated the launch of its third store in the UAE at the World Trade Center Mall (WTC Mall) on Khalifa bin Zayed the First street in Abu Dhabi making it the first outlet in the Capital.

Officially opened by the Ambassador of Turkey to the United Arab Emirates, HE Sefik Vural Altay, the owner of the Selamlique Turkish Coffee Istanbul brand, Mrs. Caroline Koc and Mrs. Banu Yentur, Partner of the brand, this new Selamlique Istanbul will become the brand’s first café location, a place to sit and relax while sipping the exquisite taste of Turkish Coffee and enjoying its array of Turkish delights and praline chocolates.

An upscale destination for Turkish Coffee, delights, praline chocolates, delicacies and Accessories, Selamlique offers wide variety of choices in Turkish coffee with different flavors such as mastic, cinnamon, cardamom and chocolate.

The brand redefines the Turkish delight and sweets concept with exceptional tastes of delights and delicacies covered with several different flavours. The Journey of the brand started in 2012 when a friendship between Kanat Kutluk and Mansoor Al Bastaki turned into a venture and a business set up.

Selamlique Turkish Coffee Istanbul launched by supplying to five star hotels and corporate companies before establishing a retail location in 2013 to cater to growing demand. Today the brand supplies more than 40 five star hotels in the UAE with its unique products.

“We don’t sell any type of coffee and sweets, we are specialized in Turkish Coffee and in Turkish Delights only and we believe we do it in the best practices in the world that makes it an experience rather than a coffee and sweet.

Selamlique specializes in Turkish Coffee and Turkish Delights only, that goes to eliminate mainstream competition in the best practice in which we have persevered our identity” said Kanat Kutluk, the General Manager, Selamlique Turkish Coffee Istanbul.

The WTC Mall in Abu Dhabi is in the heart of the city, uniting modern and the traditional perspectives offering something for everybody with a growing number of visitors.

Selamlique personifies Turkish hospitality in its exchange with gentleness of services and its soft yet timeless interior and the stunning packaging makes you feel as though Turkey indeed is with you all the way. For more details contact 050 650 75 30.