Monday 17 January 2022

UNIFICATION SCAE / SCAA : the project of a Global Association for the Speciality Coffee

Yannis Apostulopulos will be at the Scae ITALY Members Meeting on May 17 in Rome

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The Communication Manager of SCAE ITALY is glad to announce a very important appointment at the next SCAE ITALY members meeting that will be held in Rome May 17, 2016 , at 14, at Aromalab.

“In addition to the usual meeting with the Coordinators, SCAE ITALY Members will hear from the voice of Yannis Apostulopulos Manager of SCAE EUROPE, reasons and targets of the UNIFICATION SCAE/SCAA project.

vote nowIn fact, SCAE EUROPE has chosen the path to meet in person the most members called to vote, to give them directly informations and answers, and also to solve doubts, if any.”

“The project to create a Global World Association for the Speciality Coffee, could develop very important synergies and the ability to influence positively the world of the global coffee by raising the bar of quality.

By shared projects of support and quality development in the origins countries, sustainability from production to consumption, training of all those involved in the coffee chain, up to the bartender, the new World Association, can have an important role raising the overall quality of the drinked coffee.

With a shared high level of education of baristas, it is possible to bring consumers to have a positive approach to the Speciality Coffees world: it means to increase their ability to perceive and appreciate a higher quality product perfectly extracted and served. The costumer can become predisposing to pay more for a real quality. Better paid coffee at the origins and during the whole coffee chain, and more quality in the cups, for a better daily coffee consumption.”

The project is certainly complex and lead changes, but both Associations are optimistic about the final outcome and targets that could be achieved.

The results of the online voting process, will be announced during the General Meeting ( EGM ) to be held at the Hilton Hotel Paddington in London May 23, 2016 at 14:00 ( GMT + 1 ) . During the Assembly it will be presented to all members of the final decision about unification, and will be provided key information on the future of the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe.

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