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Umami Roasting Camp in collaboration with Brambati is back in May

CODEVILLA, Pavia, Italy — Umami Area with Caffemotive and Demuslab – always involved in coffee training – organize Umami Roasting Camp, three days of professional education in collaboration with Brambati Spa. The training course about coffee roasting will take place in the company’s plant in Codevilla (Lombardy).

The course is for roasters who come from Italy and from others foreign countries to learn the most important topics about physic-chemical changes of coffee beans in the Brambati’s research and development laboratory.

The international trainers, dr. Andrej Godina and Giovanni Bortoli, will demonstrate to participants how to gain a high quality cup, not only with a specialty green bean, but also through a specific and good roasting curve, like those realized on the Brambati roasting machine.

The roasting machine is complete with an on board Touch PC, and a PC placed in the control room, with the new BR 18 Advanced Specialty software installed, that gives a complete control on the roasting process and a great results into the cup. It can be also handle through the App.

Fabrizio Brambati, Brambati Spa President:

The fruitful collaboration with Umami Area, in hosting the three days of training on coffee roasting, continues this year too. This is a great opportunity for those who wants to improve their knowledge, not only on roasting process, but also on the product itself.

In Italy, the ability of the roaster has an ancient and strong tradition. Therefore, training campuses are important to have a bigger branch of professionals, who can also know new market trends and all the innovative and technological advanced instruments.

During the course, all the practical lessons on the roaster will use the “Finca Rio Colorado” specialty coffee produced by Umami Areas Honduras, which represents a sustainable coffee project. Umami Area Honduras uses part of the price to be used for education projects dedicated to the local coffee farmer community in Las Capucas, a little village in the Copan region – Honduras – www.umamiarahonduras.com

Andrej Godina, coffee expert, responsible of the Umami Area training academy, Caffemotive President:

Every time I use a roaster machine I am still surprised on how the application of high technology to the green bean roasting process stands out the sensorial characteristics of the coffee into the cup. The roaster is not a simple operator, but an artist who can create a unique roasting curve through knowledge and know how, which will satisfy the client. The perfect roasting profile for espresso and filter needs knowledge, training, practice and many hours dedicated to cup tasting sessions. These are all elements, which will be available for participants who will take part to the roasting camp organized in Brambati. The educational experience will be unique, three days of theory improvements, practical sessions, sharing and coffee cuppings with the possibility to achieve the foundation, intermediate and professional levels belonging to the Coffee Skills Program by Specialty Coffee Association.

Brambati Spa is a company that has been working in the food sector for over 70 years and will celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2020. During these years, it has developed a huge experience in engineering plants for coffee sector. Brambati Spa projects, builds and installs complete systems for the coffee processing: roasters, packaging machines, capsules machines, which go through every process phase, including roasting and grinding.

All systems are fully automated, allowing a complete control by the operator, applying, if it is required, the functionalities for the purpose of 4.0 Industry.

In autumn 2018 Brambati Spa also opened an innovative laboratory to test food processing methods. It is the first Italian advanced laboratory to test food processing methods.

The facility, that the company (present in food machinery industry since 1945) opened last autumn in Codevilla, is among the first ones in Europe. The Advanced Food Lab (AFL) operates on food products subjected to various processes such as drying, roasting, grinding, degassing and emission control, which are all managed by an advanced automation system.

The idea came mainly to ensure a more scientific approach to the production processes on a pilot plant, which reproduces the process of an industrial plant, makes possible.

AFL’s objective is to accomplish useful tests for research, development and prototype of machinery and systems for the food industry; the facility will also carry out preventive tests on machinery required by the customers, making assistance more effective, thanks to an integrated product and process control.

Codevilla is going to become a reference point for the entire food industry. The laboratory will be also opened to Brambati’s Customers, who will be able to test their products: not only local companies, but also multinational corporations, who will find advanced services.

The AFL is also aimed to schools and universities for exemplifying employment and as a cultural and informational food center for products processes.

The interaction among the food industry machinery manufacturer, its customers, and researchers will not only make tests and laboratory analysis (physical, chemical and organoleptic properties of raw materials and on processed foods) possible, but also to seek optimal and customized technological solutions. The Italian industry’s future comes into play here: The 4.0 Industry paradigm which, thanks to flexible and adaptive automation systems, will seek optimum processing parameters and personalize the process based on customers’ needs.

The optimization of manufacturing processes, in addition to improved processing efficiency, may also lead to a reduction of energy consumption and emissions.

Forward-thinking and being ahead of times has always been Brambati’s key to success. Brambati offer innovative machinery and services and the ability to be flexible by satisfying personalized customers’ demands. As times run fast, Brambati will carry on focusing on research and development, and continue to be innovative and invest towards this goal, to try and be one step ahead in a market that is increasingly competitive.

The 3rd edition of Umami Roasting Camp Brambati special edition, dedicated to coffee professionals of small and big industries, introduces itself as a professional and technical educational path that will take place again in July 2019 with a special edition dedicated to decaffeinate coffee roasting.

Dates: 22-23-24 May 2019

Starting on May 22nd at 10am, Brambati premises in Codevilla, ending on May 24th at 5pm

Courses: Coffee Skills Program coffee roasting foundation/intermediate/professional

Premises: Umami Roasting Camp – BRAMBATI S.p.A. – www.brambati.it


1.500 € + VAT for CSP coffee roasting foundation/intermediate level
1.800 € + VAT for CSP coffee roasting professional level
Excluded accommodation, meals, SCA membership and the CSP certification fees.

For info and registration: info@umamiarea.com

Umami Area contacts
Francesca Saurano +39 3891038218
email: francesca.surano@umamiarea.com

Brambati SpA contacts
Elena Parmi +39 0383 373100
email: e.parmi@brambati.it