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Ultramar Caffè and Gpe Vendors announce revolution in capsule distribution

Created in Fano, a city in the Marche region of Italy on the Adriatic coast, a revolutionary project in the Vending sector, brought about by the intuition and know how of two companies working in the coffee sector on an International level: Gpe Vendors and Ultramarcaffe.

GPE Vendors is a manufacturing company of automatic distributors and for many years a world leader in the vending sector; Ultramar Caffè, is an important company which packages Autoprotected Monodose Capsules, and is specialised in the production of systems Nespresso and Dolce Gusto Compatible with Coffee, Powders and Leaf Tea.

From the lucky meeting of these two companies the formulation of an innovative project of sure appeal for the vast public interested in the coffee world called “VendiGusto”, which is a vending machine 183cm tall capable of dispensing hot drinks from capsules model Dolce Gusto, offering 11 different selections of products.

The main advantages are

  • Increased variety of products offered which the user selects by touch keypad,
  • the capacity of the machine which can contain over 400 capsules,
  • the simplicity and almost non existent maintenance of the machine,
  • the cleanliness and hygiene guaranteed.

To all of the above is added the reliability of the technology and electronics, the fresh and modest design, the robustness of the high quality materials. Apart from the possibility to select optimum products well balanced in flavor and aroma.

In a world premiere this project will be presented at the upcoming International Fair of Vending “Venditalia” in Milan, from 3 to 6 june in the exposition spots of Milanocity.

Indications for visitors are: stand GPE Vendors pav. 4 C23D32 and stand Ultramar pav. 4 D54