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UK – Mars Drinks makes strides on its “Path to Sustainability”

Mars Drinks UK, a business unit of Mars, Incorporated and maker of Flavia Brewers, Alterra Coffee Roasters, The Bright Tea COand Dove/Galaxi Hot Chocolate, is making great progress on its “Path to Sustainability”.

The company is celebrating its journey towards meeting these milestones with the announcement that all coffee sourced by Alterra Coffee Roasters in the UK is now 100% independently certified by the Rainforest Alliance Certified or UTZ Certified.

Standards set by these organizations support crops that are responsibly produced, with respect to the environment and the workers in the supply chain. The North American market is working diligently to reach the same threshold by pursuing options to source coffee that is also 100% independently certified by these organizations.

Mars Drinks has identified five milestones to create a sustainable business:

  • Sourcing More Sustainably
  • Developing Responsible Products
  • Reducing Operational Impacts
  • Supporting Customers
  • Engaging Associates

To promote its Path to Sustainability, Mars Drinks has launched “Impact on Earth”, a new marketing campaign designed to showcase the company’s efforts to source its coffee beans in a sustainable manner.

Through its new website, www.alterracoffee.co.uk, media outreach, social media and marketing initiatives, the campaign will highlight the positive effects that certification standards can have in supporting sustainable practices, the lives of farmers, their families, workers in the supply chain and the environment.

The website also features a video illustrating the journey of the coffee bean from its origin and photos of farmers harvesting each bean.

Source: Mars Drinks