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UK – KFC unveils edible coffee cups

KFC has just unveiled the UK’s first edible coffee cup. The “Scoff-ee Cup,” released to celebrate the launch of KFC’s Seattle’s Best Coffee in its UK locations., works just like a regular coffee cup, except it’s made out of cookie.

The cookie is wrapped in sugar paper, the Telegraph reports, and “lined with a layer of heat-resistant white chocolate to keep the coffee hot and the cup crispy” — and, eventually, allows the cookie to melt in your mouth.

The cups were created in partnership with food scientists The Robin Collective and are infused with different scents. They’ll be available at a limited number of U.K. stores later this year.

“If our customers occasionally like to have their cake and eat it, why wouldn’t they want to have their cup and eat it, instead? poses KFC spokeswoman Jocelyn Bynoe.

Scoff-ee Cup are currently in the developmental phase but could hit UK locations as early as this summer.