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UK company unveils ‘first single-portion soya milk’ for foodservice

LONDON – The Progressive Food Company has developed a new offering that will allow UK foodservice operators to better cater to consumers with dairy-free needs.

Up to one in five people suffer the symptoms of lactose intolerance, according to Allergy UK, and approximately 12% of the UK population is thought to be consciously avoiding dairy milk.

The Progressive Food Company’s ambient single-serve portions of Champion soya milk are designed to offer an innovative substitute for foodservice customers, boasting a long shelf-life and not requiring refrigeration. The product has been launched nationwide through distributors such as Bidvest and Bookers.

James Green, a director of the company, said: “It is important that forward-thinking foodservice operators are offering their customers an alternative to cows’ milk to add to their hot drinks and Champion soya portions allow them this option, without the potential wastage of having to open litre packs, which many have suggested is a reason they don’t offer their customers a dairy alternative.”

The unique, ready-to-use packaging proposition helps to eliminate product wastage and consists of individual 12g pots with printed foil lids, The Progressive Food Company said.

The Nottinghamshire-based firm claimed that it was the “only single-portion soya milk product in the UK”.