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Twumba Coffee wins Rwanda Cup of Excellence Competition

Twumba Coffee that entered in this venture in 2015 was crowned Rwanda’s best coffee at Cup of Excellence awarding ceremony last Friday. Organised by the nonprofit organization Alliance For Coffee Excellence (ACE), CoE was celebrating 10 years of its Rwanda competition.

Out of 344 coffee lots that were into the competition, only twenty eight that exceeded 86,62 marks were announced winners of the Cup of Excellence Award as Rwanda.


Twumba coffee from Twumba Sector, Karongi District in the Western Province of Rwanda emerged the best with 90.53 marks followed by Muyogi Cooperative coffee (90.06) from Gicumbi and Murundo Coffee Washing Station (90.03) from Nyamasheke District, also in the Western Province.

While Twumba Coffee had took more than four tons, only 1,800 tons won the award of quality coffee. The coffee featured the washing station’s own coffee and individual farmers’ coffee.

“Once the coffee is auctioned, it the National Agricultural Export Development Board (NAEB) that determines the share that must be allocated to farmers,” Mutagengwa told KT Press.