Monday 23 May 2022

Tuttofood 2017 is launching a new Food Week

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MILAN, Italy – The famous “Three Fs” – Fashion, Furniture and Food – have notoriously been the flagship products of “Made in Italy” throughout the world. And all three see Milan as being the hub most open to innovation and experimentation.

While the city already celebrates the first two industries with its fashion and design weeks, the third area of excellence – food and wine – has been missing its time in the spotlight throughout the season, with an event able to condense a series of one-of-a-kind appointments into just a few days.

TUTTOFOOD, the leading food & beverage show in Italy and among the top three events of its kind in Europe, has decided to fill this gap.

As part of its 2017 edition, TUTTOFOOD will take its know-how outside the exhibition centre gates in order to promote a large celebration of healthy eating from 4 May to 11 May.

This event is to involve the entire city, with which it has had an ever greater exchange of ideas thanks to the legacy of the spirit of EXPO, which was focused on themes of nutrition.

“At a time in which food themes seem to almost have been overdone, often linked to events of all kinds in an inconsistent manner, and with results that don’t always deliver – says Corrado Peraboni, CEO of Fiera Milano – TUTTOFOOD has chosen to share its wealth of contacts unique in Italy and to spark a movement that involves all of the key players to offer Milan the ‘Food Week’ that it has been missing and that lives up to its reputation.

By combining our expertise with that of the industry associations – and with the support of various institutions – we are planning for an unforgettable experience that, for a week, will draw citizens and visitors into a whirlwind of flavours, aromas, ideas and true substance.”

Details are still being decided upon, but the initial information to come out suggests that – thanks as well to the collaboration with the Lombardy Region, City of Milan and Confcommercio – a series of mouth-watering events for aficionados of all areas of the theme, are to be brought together under TUTTOFOOD’s direction.

The evening events to take place as part of TUTTOFOOD Nights in the most characteristic squares in Milan will also be part of this brand new Food Week.

While the very Milanese ritual of aperitivo (in Italian) is famous throughout the world, the ones held in the most spectacular 5-star luxury hotels are to be especially trendy. They are to be organized by young, talented chefs from the Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe Italia, and they have other equally trendy surprises in store.

And in order to take place at the same time as Food Week, the Taste of Milano will bring forward its event, usually held in mid-May.

This flagship event for the most refined palates is dedicated to high-end cuisine where starred chefs and new talents are to be featured with their most innovative creations.

Exciting cooking demonstrations featuring both Italian and international cuisine will be held along with cultural studies.

What’s more – in collaboration with various associations that are part of Confcommercio and FederBio – there are to be many events dedicated to organic foods, in-depth information on food-and-wine tourism and many initiatives that will enliven the streets and bars of the city.

These initiatives will range from street food to bread making classes, from the pairing of food with the most refined mise en place styles, all the way to initiatives focused on charity and nutritional education.

As the organizer, TUTTOFOOD 2017, along with various institutions and associations, will guarantee that these events are professional and high in quality. These events are to be defined in greater detail over the coming months.

For the first time, TUTTOFOOD will “take to the streets” to share its expertise, which is normally reserved for the professionals at the show, with the general public. This event is shaping up to be a must-attend for experts as well as for foodies.

For more information about TUTTOFOOD:, @TuttoFoodMilano, #TUTTOFOOD2017.

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