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TUC, Lavazza partner on TUC 2.0 to evolve the first ever coffee machine for vehicles

Lavazza Tuc

MILAN – Lavazza and TUC, continuing the fruitful collaboration that resulted in the presentation of the first prototype of a coffee machine integrated in a vehicle in 2018, are now working together to demonstrate the communication and connection capacity between the coffee machine and the TUC connector.

This second phase is characterized by the desire to optimize the system already developed: greater attention to the customer experience, miniaturization of the component and more attractive aesthetics.

“Lavazza got involved in the TUC project, and we work with TUC in both the first and second phase. The joint goal is to optimize the results already achieved and improve the user experience of the vehicle,” said Fabio Scaltritti, Chief R&D Officer for Lavazza.

The collaboration between TUC and Lavazza shows that there are no impossible things, but that there is only determination in wanting to get results. We have created an on board coffee machine for the mobile user”.

We have created a coffee machine that can be integrated into a vehicle interior, functioning and compatible with TUC technology” added Ludovico Campana, Co-Founder, Administrator & Inventor of TUC.

A presentation event was streamed from La Centrale – Nuvola Lavazza on June 26th. The vent can be seen at this link.