Wednesday 10 August 2022

TriestEspresso Expo launches an open-call to select 4 coffee start-ups

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TRIESTE, Italy – A free exhibiting corner and the chance to present your project to a qualified audience. In short, that’s what the call opened by TriestEspresso Expo is about.

The biennial trade fair, taking place October 25-27th2018 in the Porto Vecchio area of Trieste, invites start-ups operating in the coffee and coffee related sectors to step forward.

The call will select 4 start-ups, whose activity could be relevant for the coffee industry. Coffee, coffee waste or coffee derivatives could, but not necessary “must”, be the focus of the project, also for example in terms of projects dedicated to packaging and design solutions.

But an innovative project can focus on the development of any idea that can bring benefit to this sector.

How to?

Application deadline: August, 20th 2018. Selection criteria: sustainability, innovation, relevance for the coffee industry, applicability to the market. The 4 selected start-ups will benefit of a free exhibiting corner, within a “innovation island”, for the whole trade fair.

They will also be the key players of a collateral event named “Spill the beans”. They will have the opportunity to present their project during a 10 minutes speech, addressing 3 selected representatives (an icon coffee brand, a bank, a scientific institution) and the professional public of the fair.

Spill the beans is taking place on Friday, October 26th in a breathtaking location, inside the Hydrostatic Station, an iconic building of industrial archeology, part of the TriestEspresso Expo venue.

#TEE18 has based its ninth edition on two pillars:

expertise, thanks to a high-level training programme, and innovation, since Trieste is known not only because of its coffee district but also because of a roster of scientific and research actors, among the most prestigious in Italy. And it is no coincidence that the city will be the 2020 European Science Capital and host the EuroScience Open Forum 2020.

#TEE18 Coffee video

Green coffee importers: they are the key players of this week #TEE18 video.

10 short videos have being published, one per week from now until September, on the website and relative social media. Beginning with a glimpse of the origins, the segments will then, one by one, introduce us to the universe of green coffee importers, of roasters, of decaffeination, of science and innovation, of the historical cafés and of training related experiences.

In other words, all the many facets of a city, which has been loving and working with coffee for centuries.

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