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TRADE STATISTICS – Coffee exports flat in November

World coffee exports amounted to 7.93 million bags in November 2014, slightly down (-0.55%) compared with 7.97 million in November 2013.

Monthly exports of Colombian Milds, Brazilian Naturals and Other Milds were down 2.7%, 1.2% and 9.2% respectively. Only Robusta exports were up on year-to-year numbers (+5.6%)

Exports in the first two months of coffee year 2014/15 (Oct/14 to Nov/14) have risen by 0.1% in comparison with the first two months of the last coffee year.

In the twelve months ending November 2014, world coffee exports reached 111.78 million bags, up 0.42% on year.

Exports of Arabica totalled 68.85 million bags compared to 68.77 million bags last year; whereas Robusta exports amounted to 42.93 million bags compared to 42.55 million bags.

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