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HOST 2013 – Espresso is the king of the Italian bar

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MILAN, Italy – The Italian bar is beloved and regularly imitated around the world, sui generis for its ability to blend the coffee bar and the tea house, looking a lot like an ice cream parlour and bakery.

The philosophy of the macro-area (at pavilions 9/11 and 14/18) that brings together related sectors Bars and Coffee Makers, Coffee-Tea and Ice Cream and Pastry at Host 2013, the International Professional Hospitality Show, world leader in Ho.Re.Ca. and Retail, at fieramilano in Rho until Tuesday, 22 October.

Completing the exhibition circuit are two macro-areas dedicated to Professional Catering with Bread-Pasta-Pizza and Décor and Dining.

Bar and Coffee Makers: the kings of the coffee counter

If espresso is the king of the coffee counter, its kingdom speaks Italian: some 80% of the world’s coffee makers are made in this country. According to the ANIMA research office –  Federation of National Associations of Various and Miscellaneous Mechanics, in 2013, the coffee maker segment will finish the year with production value of 376 million euro, up by +1.4%.

In particular, exports have risen by +6.3% reaching 258 million euro, 69% of the total. With a trade surplus of 297.59 million euro in 2012, exports have reported record increases toward many countries, such as +75% to China, +70% to the US, and +68% to Japan.

These records are founded chiefly on the constant technological innovation, which has found its ideal engagement in Host 2013.

Equipment and accessories for bars, coffee makers, cups, dishwashers, and glass washers, bar furniture, and showcases are some of the innovative products that more than120 thousand professionals expected at Host 2013 will find in this segment.

Coffee and tea, perennial favorites

Coffee and tea are the most popular hot beverages on the planet. According to research by Global Industry Analysts, the world coffee and tea market will attain a volume of 10.57 million tons by 2015, valued at 69.77 billion dollars. Of these, 20 billion tons are from tea sales, which has grown on average by +13% between 2006-2010 (source American Exporter ).

As for coffee, each year the world produces 131 million bags of green coffee (equal to 8 million tons) for a total value on the world market estimated at 36.4 billion dollars (source ICO – International Coffee Organization).

At Host 2013, coffee and tea are sharing a space and the spotlight for the first time.

Importers, producers and roasters will present products for every phase in coffee transformation – from the green product to processing, from toasting to tasting – along with companies that make tea, processing machinery, equipment and supply for dosing, flavours and syrups.

Ice Cream and Pastry, another Italian standout

In this area, the art of desserts shows off the excellence of Italian production: from semi-processed foods to chocolate, refrigerator cases to machinery for craft ice cream, all of which develop the potential and the quality of professional laboratories and retail sales outlets.

Speaking of ice cream, whether it is organic or frozen yogurt, the healthiest product or the most original flavours, the newest trends in this Italian invention beloved around the world were revealed first at Host.

This is also true for pastry and bakery: from sweet flat breads to cake design, the most beautiful innovations of the past few years have made their debut at the Salon, along with the newest technologies which made them possible.

The theme events organised by specialists and masters in the industry and the awards ceremonies that reward creativity and innovation of the finest professionals draw attention to the novelties in the exhibition.

Designed by ALTOGA, the Village of Coffee space allowed visitors to take part in informational and training sessions with experts in the industry, while P.E./24h La Cas@ fuori-Casa is a series of events with a flair for business offered by FIPE with focus groups, seminars, and entertainment each day.

In addition, The Art of Pastry, FIP and the Team of Italian Excellence will bring together a forum on pastry making with masters and multi-rewarded champions. Hinging on sensoriality and cup tasting and on their application in business are the workshops by SCAE, while the WBC All-Stars is don’t-miss-it event, an engagement with champion baristas in the World Coffee Championship.

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