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TRADE FAIRS – Café Asia and Café Asia and ICT Industry Expo to liven up Singapore’s coffee, tea and café scenes from 6 to 8 March

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SINGAPORE – Following a resounding success from the inaugural presentations, the second edition of Café Asia and International Coffee & Tea Industry Expo – ITC – will be held from 6 to 8 March 2014 at Singapore’s iconic attraction, the Marina Bay Sands.

Evident from the recent increase in media coverage on new café joints that are gaining immerse popularity on weekends, the local café culture has taken off to greater heights and a further robust café scene is expected. Café enthusiasts and tea lovers will be further spoilt for choice when more independent cafes and tea houses join the ranks.

The inaugural presentations of the Café Asia and ICT Industry Expo series early this year in March were well-received by the industry and offered exhibitors tremendous opportunities to explore and expand their businesses in the local café scene. Among which, several exhibitors have even clinched deals with big-time corporations and clients to expand their brands and products.

Recognizing the growing demands of these industries, Café Asia 2014 and ICT Industry Expo 2014 will be back in 2014 to provide the ideal platforms for companies in the related industries to showcase their products, equipment and accessories to potential buyers.

Café Asia 2014 caters to the needs of the café industry, such as the provision of equipment, machinery, accessories and other relevant supplies and products for the effective and ideal operation of a Café.

The ICT Industry Expo 2014 on the other hand, focuses on the upstream sector of the coffee and tea industries, consisting of everything from the provision of raw coffee beans and tea leaves to processing and packing for wholesale purchases and trading, as well as the final coffee and tea products (e.g. roasted coffee beans, tea bags and satchels).

Apart from the extensive showcase, an array of activities will also be held during the first two days of the exhibitions to offer more industry insights and developments into the local and regional coffee, tea and cafe industries. For example, the second Asia Coffee Summit and the Singapore National Barista Championships 2014 will be held.

Talks and seminars aimed at engaging the public will also be conducted on the third day of the two exhibitions. These seminars and talks include coffee and tea appreciation, as well as brewing the perfect cup of coffee and tea.

However, recognizing that the typical café serves not only coffee and tea, but also other products such as cakes, pastries, desserts and pies, the inaugural Sweets & Bakes Asia 2014 has been conceptualized to cater to the needs of these sections.

The new exhibition, to be held concurrently with Café Asia 2014 and ICT Industry Expo 2014, focuses primarily on bakery and confectionery sections, from the upstream sector of manufacturing and production of flour, flavours and essences to the downstream sector of provision of relevant accessories and decoration items.

The co-locating of these three exhibitions is advantageous as the three exhibitions will serve as a one-stop convenient hub for F & B professionals from restaurants, cafes, coffeehouses, hotels and the like. There is much more to see and explore for entrepreneurs who are seeking to enter the local café scene and for buyers who are looking to expand their ranges of product offerings.

Spanning about 5,000 square metres, Café Asia 2014 and ICT Industry Expo 2014 will expect to see over 150 exhibitors from 30 countries and regions participating in the three-day events.

Café Asia 2014 and ICT Industry Expo 2014 is hosted by Singapore Coffee Association and organized by Conference & Exhibition Management Services Pte Ltd.

For more information, please visit Café Asia at www.cafeasia.com.sg and ICT Industry Expo at www.intlcoffeeteaexpo.com.

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