Friday 31 March 2023

Sanremo will showcase Opera Est and Café Racer

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At Triestespresso 2016, booth No. 15-13, Sanremo will show our latest creations: Opera EST (PICTURE) and Café Racer. Two machines that combine unique design with cutting edge technology.

A combination that allows the barista to express freely his creativity and skills, as well as exalts the organoleptic properties of the roaster’s coffee.

Opera EST version (Espresso Scale Technology) is equipped with high-precision scales and a special software, which ensure complete control over coffee delivery thanks to this new technology developed in cooperation with ACAIA brand.

The function to control the weight during all brewing phases brings two benefits:
fix any possible grinding error and ensure constant and stable delivery with different coffee beans textures.

Café Racer, name inspired from the motor bike world, has been created to combine modern technology with a kind of life style which embraces the concepts of passion and freedom.

The model available in three different versions, Naked, Freedom and Custom, represents the real innovation in the world of coffee machines.


Together with an excellent coffee in cup as a result, there is the pleasure to see your own personality expressed in every single detail of the machine.

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