Friday 19 August 2022

Tims China announces new dedicated Tencent E-sports Café in Shanghai

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SHANGHAI, China – TH International Limited, the exclusive operator of Tim Hortons coffee shops in China (“Tims China”), today announced the opening of its latest dedicated e-sports café in Shanghai in collaboration with Tencent Holdings, a leading global Internet, technology, and video game company.

This new e-sports location continues Tims China’s collaboration with Tencent and delivers an immersive, themed space for its customers to enjoy and share coffee and the world of e-sports.

The new store combines the classic warm design of Tims China with custom technology for e-sports gaming. Guests can order a selection of special themed drinks, watch e-sports events, and game together on interactive screens.

Tims China and Tencent began their partnership in 2020 and opened their first co-branded e-sports shop in Shanghai, followed by a second in Shenzhen. The stores are a new model for coffee shops and are popular with young guests seeking immersive and novel experiences.

Yongchen Lu, CEO of Tims China, said, “Creating better immersive experiences for younger customers is one of our goals. This new store is an ideal place for e-sports and coffee enthusiasts to play together while enjoying our wide range of drinks and freshly prepared foods.”

Miao Hou, Vice President of Tencent Games, General Manager of Tencent E-sports, said, “The “e-sports + coffee” concept is a market innovation codeveloped by Tims China and Tencent’s e-sports team. Over the past two years, we have witnessed the positive results of this new business model. We also hope this newly opened store reflects the integration of “e-sports + industry” well and sets a benchmark for the development of the coffee industry.”

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