Friday 09 December 2022

Tim Hortons to open patios at over 1,000 locations across Canada this summer

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MILAN – Tim Hortons, Canada’s most iconic coffee chain, plans to open 1,000 patios across the country by early July, as provinces all across Canada prepare, in differing ways appropriate to regional circumstances, to reopen some operations paused by the pandemic.

Mike Hancock, Tim Hortons chief operating officer, said in a statement Monday that the coffee and doughnut chain will reopen more than 350 existing patios in Ontario and has plans to “significantly expand” the number of outdoor seating areas at its outlets across Canada.

“Overall, we are planning to open upwards of 1,000 new patios across Canada by transforming existing outdoor spaces to allow our guests and their friends and families to sit and enjoy their Tim Hortons favourites outside our restaurants,” Hancock said.

The company said it will work with local municipalities to convert existing outdoor areas, under-utilized parking spaces or blocked off laneways into new patio areas. Renderings provided by Tim Hortons show outdoor seating areas where parking spots previously were.

The company says it will follow all public health requirements to ensure the outdoor dining spaces operate safely.

Throughout the pandemic, more than 400 locations along major highways in Canada have remained open to provide food and drink service to truck drivers, with washrooms being sanitized at least every 15 minutes.

Restaurant Brands International (QSR), the parent company of Tim Hortons, said in late May that comparable sales at the coffee and doughnut chain recovered from declines of more than 40 per cent in March to a drop of approximately mid-20 per cent, thanks to growing drive-thru and delivery demand.

The company has also been gradually reopening sit-down dining rooms, which accounted for 40 per cent of sales in pre-pandemic times. Approximately 500 Tim Hortons dining rooms had been reopened as of the end of May.

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