Thursday 07 July 2022

Tim Hortons launches project for reusable and returnable cups

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VANCOUVER, BC, Canada – Tim Hortons is launching a new pilot project in Vancouver in partnership with Return-It that will give guests the option of paying a deposit for a reusable and returnable cup so they can help us on our mission to reduce single-use waste.

Building on a similar pilot project conducted last year in Ontario, this pilot will allow guests to pay a $4 deposit (plus tax) to borrow a reusable cup from one of 10 participating Tims restaurants.

The cup can then be returned at any one of those Tims restaurants or at one of 11 Return-It stations located across Vancouver, including in transit locations and other public spaces.

Return-It will take on the role of collecting, washing, sanitizing and returning the cups to Tim Hortons so guests can use them again. Once the pilot wraps up, results will be analyzed to help evaluate a scalable solution for a reusable cup program that is convenient and helps us work with guests to reduce single-use waste.

“We’re excited to partner with Return-It on this pilot program as we work towards making all of our guest packaging reusable, recyclable or compostable,” said Paul Yang, Senior Director of Innovation and Sustainability at Tim Hortons. “Tim Hortons has been testing a number of ways to scale reusable and returnable packaging systems, as well as increase the recyclability of single-use cups. Through this program with industry partners and the City of Vancouver, we hope to learn and develop innovative solutions for the future.”

In addition to the new reusable cup program, Tim Hortons is also partnering with Return-It on a pilot to encourage more recycling of paper and plastic single-use cups. Tim Hortons coffee and cold beverage cups can already be recycled in British Columbia and are accepted through municipal curbside recycling programs.

The pilot project with Return-It will give Vancouver residents more options to recycle single-use cups as they can be dropped off at the same Return-It stations where Tim Hortons reusable and returnable cups are being collected, as well as at participating Tims restaurants.

The pilot will help evaluate the viability of a broader, permanent program that would allow single-use cups to be collected for recycling at a number of public drop-off points.

“We are excited to be working alongside Tim Hortons and our other partners to make a quantifiable difference in keeping single-use cups out of landfills and to provide consumers with a more convenient option for reusing cups,” said John Nixon, President & CEO, Return-It. “We’re always looking for innovative solutions that will improve recovery rates and benefit British Columbians and this program will hopefully act as a scalable template that can be rolled out in other communities.”

For more information on the pilot program with Return-It, visit

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