Saturday 04 February 2023

Tigerstyle Coffee brings one thousand years of herbal science in one cup of coffee

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MILAN – How is it possible that the most mainstream and popular morning beverage in the world actually has very little nutritional benefits? At a time where we have a healthier alternative for everything, coffee seems to be the last thing people put into their bodies without considering, “Is this actually good for me?”. It’s been a struggle for coffee lovers to find a balance between regular, delicious coffee and a healthier pick-me-up beverage. Until now.

Tigerstyle Coffee (tigerstyle) is organically nourishing and energizing humans worldwide with the world’s first coffee latte fortified with Chinese super-herbs. Glowing health benefits of the super-herbs in tigerstyle include strengthening immunity, aiding digestion, reducing inflammation, and combating fatigue.

It is more than delicious, healthy coffee. It helps people reclaim their morning with its signature Contemplation Kits. Contemplation is the lesser-known twin of Meditation. Zen Buddhists have practiced Contemplation for centuries by focusing on a question to deepen self-awareness. Tigerstyle Contemplation Kits feature Contemplation Cards with quotes and questions inspired by global thought leaders to create a moment for self-care in their busy mornings.

Tigerstyle truly is a wellness ritual. “Tigerstyle combines meditation and coffee into one-morning ritual,” says Bernard Call, an early adopter, and supporter of this product.

About Tigerstyle Coffee

Founded by female and Veteran entrepreneurs, tigerstyle delivers natural, delicious, easy-to-make coffee at roughly $2 per latte. The proprietary blend of Chinese super-herbs in their coffee blend is tried and tested by Dr. David Wang, M.D., Ph.D., and Chief Science Advisor at tigerstyle.

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