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Three Coffee brings three unique coffee colours to the United Arab Emirates

Ethically traded and sustainably sourced, Three Coffee fuels the third wave coffee movement for aficionados to explore

THREE Coffee

DUBAI, UAE – THREE Coffee, a new homegrown specialty coffee roaster, has launched in the UAE with one simple mission: to make coffee better through a unique system that matches colour to taste preferences. Finding the perfect cup of coffee requires a lot of trial and error. THREE Coffee has made this process easier and more informative by identifying the three distinct categories that all coffees fall into. A perfect cup lies within one of their Brown, Purple or Green categories. How to find the right one for you? THREE Coffee’s interactive online quiz lets consumers discover their ideal ‘coffee colour’. Think of it as personality profiling for coffee.

Green Coffees express a vibrant acidity with notes of stone fruit, citrus and florals. Brown Coffees exhibit notes of chocolate, caramels and spices. And, finally, Purple Coffees are an aromatic and flavourful experience with notes of purple fruits, berries and florals. Their entire range of coffees from blends, single origins, and microlots, have been grouped into these equally delicious colour groups. It really couldn’t be more easy.

Categorising coffee into colour is only part of their story. The THREE Coffee main pillars include sustainability, education and adding credibility to the coffee value chain. Their work with farmers and continuous efforts to improve quality is a testament to the brand’s quest to improve how coffee can taste. Supporting sustainable growth through collaborative partnerships at origin also helps improve the standard of living in coffee-producing nations. At present, the brand is sourcing beans from Africa, Central America, South America and Asia-Pacific. The expert team at THREE are involved in every step of the process, from working with famers at origin to roasting and training.

Drew Dennehy, THREE Coffee’s Co-founder and General Manager, is a self-proclaimed Green Coffee person. He partnered with Karthik Rajendran (THREE Coffee’s Co-Founder, Head of Coffee and Purple Coffee person) to create a brand that offers ethically sourced, delicious coffee from around the world.

“The face of premium coffee is changing, and we’re here to champion that change. We developed THREE because we truly want to add value not only to famers, but also the customers drinking our coffee. Helping them choose the right coffee is so important in delivering great coffee experiences. Our website is our platform committed to helping people choose the right coffee, educating them on the different flavour profiles our coffees can offer them. You can simply add to cart and you’re your preferred coffee delivered anywhere in the UAE, straight to their door,” commented Dennehy.

THREE Coffee has received great recognition winning the World Cezve/Ibrik Championship in 2017. They’re also members of the Cup of Excellence®, the premier coffee competition and auction worldwide, the highest award given to a top scoring coffee. Capitalising on the team’s industry experience and catering to the increasing diversity of consumer tastes, THREE is gaining ground as the region’s premiere coffee company.


About THREE Coffee

A UAE-based sustainable roaster concept, THREE Coffee was conceptualised to serve fairly priced delicious coffee that serves both the consumers as well as the farmers, allowing them to improve their standard of living. Coffee beans are sourced from Ethiopia, Burundi and Uganda in Africa, the Central American countries of El Salvador, Costa Rica and Guatemala with Colombia and Brazil being the focus in South America, as well as Yemen and Indonesia in Asia-Pacific. The brand aims to improve the coffee value chain by actively participating in sourcing the right trees that grow the coffee, nurturing relations with farmers and partners, and even the baristas who deliver the final product.