Wednesday 25 May 2022

Third Wave Cafe brings to Dubai coffee mixology and bespoke brewing

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DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – Dubai residents are spoilt for choice when it comes to coffee shops, but for bespoke brews and mixology that provide the perfect taste after every sip, there’s little to no competition—introducing Third Wave Cafe, a new hidden gem tucked away inside the award-winning Seventh Heaven complex of AlBarari. Meaning the ‘third generation’ of coffee experiences, the new cafe is the latest hot-spot to establish itself amidst the lush green oasis and offers a curated coffee menu, focusing on everything from the bean to the process for that perfect cup.

Inspired by a ‘Kissaten’, meaning a Japanese tea house, the Third Wave Cafe with stunning views of the river and greenery has an intentional minimalist but modern design to un-interrupt and enhance the customers sensory coffee or tea experience—ensuring they get the most out of their flavour, aromas and texture whilst sipping away.

The Emirati owner, also known as the ‘Bespoke Barista’, launched the cafe for his love of coffee and Japanese tea drinking culture. Plus, as a certified Barista with a background in engineering, he has used his knowledge in technical engineering to improve and enhance the coffee-making process, creating bespoke drinks that are quite literally like-no-other.

“At Third Wave, we have taken the basic elements of the coffee-making process such as the bean type, water, temperature, pressure, flow rate, grinder size and so on that greatly affect the coffee’s chemistry to create curated and specialty drinks that our customers love.” He continued: “We didn’t want to sell the ‘normal’ flavours and aromas you would expect, we use new techniques and challenged the norms to excite

taste buds. Our staff are all trained mixologists who are able to change the elements to suit the customers taste too, making every experience unique.”

The menu, which consists mainly of 100% vegan desserts and drinks options, will feature four beverage categories; ‘Signatures’, featuring the likes of ‘Seventh Heaven’, an oat-milk based coffee drink and ‘Amaro’, an enhanced version of the known Amaro invented by the Italians; ‘Albarari Long’ the new option on the block for black coffee lovers that usually go with Americano or Long Black; ‘Designer-teas’, including a large choice of hot and cold infused tea mixology. The cafe will also have a display of vegan home-baked goods and sweets from subsidiary ‘Little Home’ supplying signature coffee cakes, tofu snacks, banana bread and more.

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