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Theo Chocolate unveils new bold and inspiring packaging design

theo chocolate

SEATTLE, U.S. – Theo Chocolate, the #1 organic chocolate bar in the natural and grocery channel, unveils a simple yet bold new look. The chocolate maker is reestablishing its core purpose, and inviting people to see the big impact a small treat can have.

“The chocolate category has seen tremendous growth since our inception, with a number of new brands and dozens of new products,” said Jason Harty, CMO of Theo Chocolate.

“We love this growth, but the chocolate aisle can be overwhelming for consumers with competing narratives, an abundance of certifications, and a lack of flavor appeal. That’s not how chocolate lovers should experience chocolate. It should be simple and inspiring. We want to bring joy back to shopping, sharing and eating chocolate.”

Theo Chocolate launched more than 12 years ago on the premise that a positive impact can be made through chocolate. With this in mind, the brand committed to source fair trade and organic ingredients that not only support farmers, but also benefits consumers and the Earth.

Every Theo Chocolate purchase directly supports the livelihood of 6,500 cocoa farmers and their 35,000 family members each year, enabling them to send their children to school and reinvest in their communities. These brand values still exist today and were an integral part of this new design. With a new look, Theo Chocolate helps consumers find the delicious, ethically-produced chocolate they’re looking for.

The new packaging design is simple, with an off-white background as the canvas and a singular, hand-painted brush stroke that reveals the delicious product and ingredients within. Theo Chocolate chose New York-based branding agency, clarkmcdowall, based on their impressive past work, creative approach, and genuine understanding of the brand’s ethos.

“Working with a brand that has a true purpose, makes their product with genuine integrity, and is committed to growing their business responsibly always presents an exciting opportunity for us. Theo Chocolate has a rich story and set of values that wasn’t translating on a consumer level,” said Paul McDowall, Partner at clarkmcdowall. “There is a simplicity and casualness to the brand that draws you in once you get to know it. Chocolate is about enjoyment and there is a magic in what Theo Chocolate makes and specialness in how they make it. This is what we wanted to capture in the retelling of its story.”

Starting this month, you can find the new packaging and new Coffee Toffee 70% Dark Chocolate bar on shelves nationwide, including in select Kroger banners. Be one of the first to see Theo Chocolate’s new packaging at Natural Products Expo East, booth #311, Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, MD on September 12-14. You can also taste Theo Chocolate’s new Peanut Butter & Jelly Cups, which are a NEXTY Awards finalist and will be rolling out on shelves early next year.