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Theo Chocolate receives high recognition at the International Chocolate Salon

theo chocolate

SEATTLE, U.S. — Theo Chocolate received high recognition in this year’s International Chocolate Salon 2019 Awards. With chocolate made from scratch, Theo has been an industry leader for both their sourcing practices and passion for creating delicious products.

Theo’s Ghost Chili Caramels won the Gold in the “Top Caramels” category. Additionally, their Lemon 45% Milk Chocolate Bar took the Gold in the “Best Milk Chocolate Bar” category. Theo’s Honey Saffron Caramels also received an honorable mention in both the “Best Caramel Exterior Design” and “Best Ingredient Combinations” categories.

“It is an honor to be recognized by the International Chocolate Salon for not only our handmade confections, but also our factory-made chocolate bars,” said Jason Harty, CMO of Theo Chocolate. “Making chocolate from scratch isn’t easy. These awards prove that the delicious results are worth the effort.”

The International Chocolate Salon Awards are based on the combined total number of votes received by each entrant from the Judging Panel. The Judging Panel consists of National and Regional Magazines, Newspaper and Blog Editors, plus Topic Experts, Local Chefs and Food Gurus.