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The Science of COVID-19: Professor Ristenpart to hold a Live Q&A on Oct 15

Ristenpart Covid-19

MILAN – Following up on the video The Science of COVID-19 Safety for Coffee Businesses, Professor William D. Ristenpart of the UC Davis Coffee Center will be live for a Q&A on October 15 at 8am PST / 4pm BST.

Prof. Ristenpart will answer your questions, in addition to addressing coffee houses and food retail concerns related to COVID-19 and steps businesses can take to increase safety. Make sure to watch the full video before joining the Live Q&A.

William D. Ristenpart is a chemical engineer in “transport phenomena,” meaning that he studies transport—fluid mechanics and aerosol science. Aerosols are suspensions of small solid particles or liquid droplets in the air and is therefore very relevant to COVID-19 transmission. Prof. Ristenpart has published many articles in prominent scientific publications on COVID-19 transmission and prevention.

He is also a coffee scientist, who has worked with the SCA on a number of research projects. With this background, he’s well-equipped to share information over respiratory virus transmission and what coffee businesses can do to keep their venues safe.

The Community Impact of COVID-19 Survey

In the past half a year, SCA Research conducted two surveys to assess the impact of COVID-19 on the global specialty coffee community. One key takeaway we saw in our open-ended questions was a strong focus on worker safety, customer safety, and sanitary practices in light of COVID-19. Respondents mentioned the implementation of safety and health procedures more than any other tool as a key competency during reopening. 80% of respondents mentioned new cleaning and sanitation procedures being implemented. This takeaway was the reason for creating the second video in the series with William D. Ristenpart.

The first video presenting the survey results

In the first video in the series, Community Impact of COVID-19: An Introduction, Katie von der Lieth and Peter Giuliano analyze what the SCA’s most recent survey tells us about the general impact of COVID-19, changes in sales channels, lost sales to date, future revenue expectations, and business decisions around remaining close or opening back up for service.
Watch it here.

The second video with Professor William D. Ristenpart presenting safety measures for coffee businesses

In The Science of COVID-19 Safety for Coffee Businesses, Professor William D. Ristenpart of the UC Davis Coffee Center explained the science behind effective safety measures for minimizing risk of COVID-19.

The first three parts outline a different aspect of airborne disease transmission each with the final section offering practical tips and strategies for minimizing risk and increasing overall safety in coffee businesses.
Watch it here.

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