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The new Mininova from Wega works with ground coffee, pods and capsules


SUSEGANA, Italy – Mininova is an ultralight and compact machine. Its unmistakable classy-vintage aesthetic gives a unique flavour to any environment, thanks to its stainless steel coating and precious wooden details. The one-group machine allows a professional extraction despite its considerably small size. The boiler has a two-litre capacity and an integrated jug that does not require any connection to the water supply.

Coffee is dispensed using a manual lever, and two practical knobs pump hot water for tea and steam to make a perfect cappuccino.

The real plus of Mininova is its incredible versatility, so that it can be used in three different ways to meet the user’s needs: not only with ground coffee but also with coffee pods and capsules, through a specific adapter kit.

Mininova is perfect for small clubs as well as for whoever wants to enjoy an Italian espresso as good as one from the coffee shop at home, at work, in a meeting room, or in a store while shopping.

MininovaIt is so versatile and compact that it adapts perfectly to any use and environment, offering high quality extraction without requiring high technical skills.

Its ease of use combined with its refined design make it a must-have product to bring the aroma of an espresso everywhere.