Wednesday 04 October 2023

The Netherlands welcomes the iconic Colombian coffee brand, Juan Valdez

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AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands – Juan Valdez, the Colombian coffee grower’s brand, announces its arrival in the Netherlands, through one of the main supermarket chains in the territory. This new opportunity in the European market strengthens its presence at an international level and boosts the brand as a reference of premium coffee in the Dutch market.

The European coffee market has grown steadily in recent years, by approximately 17% and representing 26% of the consumption of this beverage in the world. Moreover, during 2020, the per capita consumption of coffee in The Netherlands reached 8.3 kilograms.

All of the above represented a unique opportunity for the company, which seeks to enter into this new market and offer the experience and variety of national coffees.

According to Sebastián Mejía, International Vice-President of Procafecol S.A., “capitalize expansion opportunities for our 100% premium Colombian coffee has been a priority for us as a company. Strengthening our presence at an international level and being able to enter into the Dutch market hand in hand with important allies such as ProColombia and the distributor, allows us to take the best of our country to conquer new palates. Likewise, the Netherlands joins our presence in European markets such as Poland, Spain, Russia and Romania”.

Flavia Santoro, president of ProColombia, stated that “Juan Valdez is one of the most recognized Colombian brands worldwide and its arrival in the Netherlands, one of the main buyers of Colombian agri-food products, will help to continue positioning Colombia as the main world producer of mild and specialty coffees, which stand out for their origin and premium quality”.

Consumers will be able to find a Juan Valdez portfolio focused on ground coffee and coffee beans, that will be available in more than 400 sales spots of the Jumbo supermarket chain, one of the most important organizations in the retail sector in cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht.

This expansion reaffirms the company’s commitment with more than 540,000 coffee growing families, by taking and making known the quality of its 100% premium Colombian coffee to different parts of the world.

About Juan Valdez

The Juan Valdez brand is the only coffee brand internationally recognized that belongs to coffee growers. In 2002, the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation, a nonprofit organization that represents 540,000 coffee growing families tasked the Juan Valdez® brand with the mission of opening different businesses around the world to generate value for Colombia’s coffee growers. Ever since, every shop has been named after the icon that has represented Colombian coffee in the world for more than 50 years.
The Juan Valdez® Café brand represents the quality, values and traditions of Colombian coffee. Every cup sold helps support Colombian coffee growers and their families.


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