Tuesday 31 January 2023

The International Tea Day will be launched in France on December 15th

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PARIS, France – Introduced in 2005 by several tea producing countries, the International Tea Day has the aim to promote the tea farmers and the tea pickers, who are working hard and do not always get good enough recognition nor good enough revenue.

Since 2005 various surveys have made it obvious that more than half of the worlds teas are harvested by small holders and there is growing awareness that they need better market access and more bargaining power.

Their knowledge and diligence is vital for the tea economy and the continued growing and making of fine teas. The date of December 15th was chosen, because the beginning of the cold season in many producing countries sees the tea workers having finished harvesting and having more leisure time

In order to support this proactive communication some of the big tea consuming countries are already running the “International Tea Day” in their home market, in particular the UK and the USA, who are amongst the worlds biggest tea importers.

For this 13th celebration of the “International Tea Day” France is joining the party, thanks to a team of two highly involved tea lovers, who have joined efforts to launch the event; the two ladies in charge of this initiative are Lauren Pascault and Nathalie Hegron.

In partnership with a great number of tea houses and tea importers they have prepared a full program of tea tastings and tea workshops, which will take place in Paris and in several other French cities, on December 15th, and continued throughout the week end.

There will also be several conferences and presentations during this forthcoming week end, all made by recognized expert.

These primarily educational events are free of charge and aim at showing the great diversity of the teas, harvested in over 30 origin countries, and the many high quality cups one may brew with these fine leaves.

The following presentations are scheduled to take place in Paris, hosted by AVPA, a French NGO that undertakes the promotion of premium agricultural products


***Une approche sensorielle du thé, by Carine Baudry, sensorial analyst and co-founder of « La QuintEssence »;

***Découverte de la céramique à travers l’histoire du thé, by Véronique Maury, ceramist with  the pottery of Cautelet ;

***Thé et société : comment le thé a changé l’Histoire, by Pierre Rival,life style and gastronomy writer, author of the recently isued book « Le Thé pour les Nuls » ;

***Entre tradition et innovation : thés et terroirs de Chine, by Katrin Rougeventre, author of « L’Empire du thé : le guide des thés de Chine »;

*** La consommation du thé en France et les thés aromatisés, by Christine Dattner

for more information:  contact@jitfrance.com

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