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The Coffee Training Academy will bring Italian coffee expertise to Dubai

VERONA, Italy – The renowned Accademia del Caffè (Coffee Training Academy) of Verona has come to Dubai: in the first months of 2019 it will open also in the UAE. An opportunity and a first step towards exploring training Made in Italy and espresso coffee culture in the Middle East.

After several meetings among Davide Cobelli, CEO of Coffee Training Academy, and the existing businesses operating in the sector here in the UAE, the announcement was made a few days ago that a new Coffee Training Academy-Dubai would be launched.


“Training in the world of coffee is growing in demand,” explains Davide Cobelli, “because businesses and baristas are becoming aware of its importance. We, who have always strived to share and teach about espresso excellence, have identified Dubai as the fulcrum to continue our work in this part of the world, where the rate of growth and interest in quality coffee is extremely high.”

Davide Cobelli

The new Coffee Training Academy-Dubai is open not only to baristas, but also to Italian coffee shops in the Middle East (Dubai in particular) requiring high quality training: all trainers are Italian and are part of the Coffee Training Academy in Verona.

As local partner in his project, Davide Cobelli has chosen Ciro Arianna, CEO of Mime Group and passionate exporter of Food and Beverage Made in Italy throughout the Middle East. “Ciro Arianna,” adds Davide Cobelli, “has a deep knowledge of the middle eastern market and is a valued professional in Dubai and beyond. With his partnership we will be able to cover almost all the Gulf region.”

Ciro Arianna

The Coffee Training Academy-Dubai’s training courses will be comprehensive and open to everyone, and therefore available for collaboration with all coffee businesses. The program follows the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) path for all six modules and three levels.

There is also a LAGS (Latte Art Grading System) path for baristas, and in addition Davide Cobelli tells us that “we have created an ad hoc training program for ‘Head Baristas’. It consists of several lessons to improve the management qualities for people who have roles of responsibility in coffee shops or in coffee distribution points in hotels. We have prepared special packages for them as well as tailored consultancy towards the creation of attractive and original menus.”

Davide Cobelli

Authorized SCA trainer, certified international judge for World Barista Champion competitions, SCA Italy education coordinator, SCA advisory council member.

Coffee Training Academy

Founded in 2016, it is Verona’s coffee training school. It operates a team of seven specialized trainers who work alongside a group of free lances.

All relevant information will soon be available on the web site: www.coffeetrainingacademydubai.com