Tuesday 31 January 2023

The Coffee Quality Institute launches its new Q Program, Q Cupping Essentials

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MILAN – The Coffee Quality Institute is launching the Q Cupping Essentials. In the beginning, there was the Pre-Q. The Pre-Q was designed to help students prepare for the Q Grader course. It was effective, but it was somewhat similar to the beginning of the Q grading course, making it duplicative for students who went on to that class. CQI also found that for those who took the class with no plans to continue there was still value in certification.

It became apparent that there was demand for a different course. One for people who weren’t consistently engaged in grading coffee and who didn’t wish to prepare for a Q Grader course, but rather wanted to understand the fundamentals of cupping, how to use the Specialty Coffee Association and Coffee Quality Institute cupping forms and engage in sensory evaluation.

Thus, out of industry need, Q Cupping Essentials (QCE) was born. Q Arabica Cupping Essentials was introduced in August of 2019 and Q Robusta Cupping Essentials is projected to be available by the end of 2019.

“Most people are interested in cupping or learning about standards and cupping as it is almost an “expectation” if you work in coffee. CQI’s Q Grader Certification is an advanced certification; it is a validation of skills the individual should already have. QCE focuses on intensity scales comparatively, on descriptors through the Flavor Wheel and Le Nez du Cafe and finally, on deviations possible in the cup including defects”.

Roukiat Delrue, CQI’s Director of Q and creator of QCE

QCE is a valuable option for a wide range of people, including those new to the industry, passionate consumers, foodies, baristas, executives of coffee companies, and more. Students participate in each step of setting up a cupping (weighing, grinding, table set-up and pouring water) and there is no expectation of past knowledge going into a course.

The focus of the course is learning – not testing. Course comments have validated the perceived demand, participants are finding the course meaningful and challenging, and feel confident in cupping practice.

Information on upcoming Q Arabica Cupping Essentials courses are available on the CQI database, here. Stay up to date on the release Q Robusta Cupping Essentials in the coming months by following @thecqi!

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