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The biggest coffee brewing competition returns to the UAE on September 18

coffee brewing competition

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – The largest coffee brewing competition returns to the UAE on September 18, with the winners of the competition later expected to compete in the 2021 World Aeropress Championship, which will take place in Melbourne, Australia on March 5, 2022. For the fifth year, the competition will start with the Northern Region Championship on September 16 and the Southern Region Championship on September 17, followed by the Emirates National Championship on September 18.

All of these events will take place at the DMCC Coffee Center in the Free Zone.

Ahmed Bin Sulayem, CEO and CEO of DMCC, said in a press release: “We are delighted to host the UAE National Aerobers Championships once again at the state-of-the-art DMCC Coffee Centre.

Coffee brings people together and is a real part of the culture in the Emirates. Accordingly, it is very encouraging to see the coffee scene in Dubai evolving so rapidly, with an increasing number of coffee enthusiasts and professionals in the field.

For its part, DMCC’s Coffee Center has become a one-stop shop for international coffee traders, and is on its way to transforming the emirate into a global coffee trading hub. There are many opportunities ahead and we look forward to further enhancing the coffee trade through Dubai and continuing to play our role in developing and enhancing local talent and potential in the sector.”

A national competition for Aeropress coffee, a tool for brewing coffee, is held every year across the globe, across more than 59 participating countries with approximately 117 competitions hosting over 3,157 individual competitors.

Event Organizer and CEO of MOCA 1450, Garville Care, said: “The UAE’s largest coffee competition continues to grow despite the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are thrilled to see the UAE take center stage as we continue to host world-class coffee industry events with protocols suitable for safety.