Monday 17 January 2022

The (B)ean: The first-ever event dedicated to B Corps in Coffee goes live on June 1st and 2nd

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MILAN – The first-ever event dedicated to B Corporations in the coffee industry is coming up: The (B)ean is meant to inspire the whole coffee chain with examples of B in the industry. There are currently 105 certified B Corporations that are related to coffee, but the dialog between these companies is often distant. The online event aims to create an open conversation amongst these businesses, sparking new ideas or even shortening the distances between like-minded companies.

There are four panels planned with ten speakers from different segments of the specialty coffee supply chain.

The discussions will gravitate around how coffee companies can generate positive impact through their businesses, as well as the value of the B Corp certification within the industry. Attendance is open for anyone and free of charges.

The event is organized by Daterra Coffee, a B Corp coffee farm from Brazil, with support from B Lab Brazil and will count with presentations of world coffee industry leaders: Equator Coffees, Counter Culture Coffee, Sustainable Harvest and Common’s Company from USA; D R Wakefield and Origin Coffee from United Kingdom, Daterra Coffee from Brazil, Reunion Coffee from Canada and Bocca Coffee from Netherlands – all B Corp-certified companies.

The (B)ean goes live on June 1st and 2nd, from 4pm to 7pm GMT. Attendees can register to participate and see full event’s schedule at

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