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The Be Kind People Project invites you to a virtual coffee event with Entertainment

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The Pledge

PHOENIX, U.S. — Students, teachers, parents, and all members of the community are invited to Rise & Shine, a FREE virtual community coffee experience on Tuesday, April 28th at 9:00 a.m. MST.

During the thirty-minute virtual coffee showcase, guests will be wowed with performances by THE BE KIND CREW and inspired by the morning’s emcees Lady Caress and Javi Star. The event is BYOC (bring your own coffee!) and the dress code is sweatpants (yes, sweatpants).

This is your opportunity to catch up with The Be Kind People Project as they have been hard at work filling the social and emotional gaps with positive and values-based programs for students and their families as students transition their learning from their classrooms to at home. Guests will leave “coffee” feeling energized and learn just how important kindness is in our world right now.

Tune in next Tuesday to learn more about their MAKE a DIFFERENCE May initiative, how you can get make difference from your home, and see the debut of the brand new “Thank You, Teachers” rap!

Click here for more information and the link to join in the fun on April 28th.

About The Be Kind People Project:

Founded in 2012, The Be Kind People Project is a public 501c3 nonprofit (46-0720140) based in Phoenix, Arizona, focused on delivering youth-relevant learning opportunities that inspire humanity, academic achievement and healthy living to build a generation of respectful and responsible citizens and leaders. They provide positive solutions for conflict and lifelong social and emotional skills needed to build strong interpersonal relationships.

Because meaningful character education is an essential pillar of effective social, emotional, and academic learning, The Be Kind People Project provides students with an evidence-based learning approach so they will understand what TO do instead of what NOT to do. Based on The Be Kind Pledge, with 10 skills of kindness, they offer school assemblies, online learning programs, after school and summer classes, leadership conferences, school gardens, community service projects and family engagement programs.

Most programs are led by members of THE BE KIND CREW, a group of 65 professional urban dancers and educators. The Be Kind People Project has nearly one million contacts annually with students, their teachers and their families nationwide