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Bazzara’s new book CoffeExperts to be presented at Sigep on March 14th

CoffeExperts, the new Bazzara book curated by the brothers Andrea and Marco, will be presented nationally at the Sigep event.

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RIMINI – CoffeExperts, the new Bazzara book curated by the brothers Andrea and Marco, will be presented nationally for the first time on Monday, March 14th 11.45 am in Rimini at the Sigep event: “The dolce world expo”, an important professional event dedicated to the dessert-and-coffee Foodservice industry.

The minister of agricultural, environmental and forestry policies Stefano Patuanelli will be introducing the presentation of the book, as he’s the illustrious author of the book’s afterword, which closes the section dedicated to sustainability in the coffee sector.

CoffeExperts arrives at Sigep

CoffeExperts is the result of two years of intense editorial work and contains the best interventions of four editions of the summit Trieste Coffee Experts, offering a fascinating journey into the world of coffee explored from various perspectives, voiced by great personalities of the Italian coffee world and beyond.

Among the prominent personalities who contributed to the book, stands out the author of the preface: Maurizio Cimbali, president of the prestigious Cimbali Group and appointed knight of labour by the president of the republic Sergio Mattarella.

Though, there are other important names that catch the eye, such as the Italian ambassador of the Republic of Colombia Gloria Isabel Ramírez Ríos , Giuseppe Biffi of Siemens and Michele Cannone of Lavazza; just to name a few.

The history of coffee

Page after page – also with the support of a large and precise set of images and graphics of great impact – the waves of coffee are traced, reaching the new technological frontiers of industry 4.0 and a perspective view including the future of the supply chain and the planet.

The technical and informative contributions are both current and interesting for the experts, as well as accessible and engaging for the novices. Their topics range from the history and characteristics of the coffee plant to the careful selection and processing of the raw beans; from roasting techniques to the effects of coffee drinks on the body; from the aromatic and sensory sphere to the world of baristas and the equipment used; from the evolution of coffee makers to the existing extraction and preparation methods alternative to espresso.

The appointment with the authors Andrea and Marco Bazzara for the presentation of CoffeeExperts will take place on Monday, March 14th at 4:00 PM on the Coffee Arena’s stage, pavilion X.

CoffeExperts can be purchased on the company’s eShop and on the Amazon page of Bazzara Espresso. It will also be available at selected bookstores, trade fairs and in the best Italian academies and coffee schools.

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