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The 4C Association and CO.HONDUCAFE Foundation team up to maximize support for Honduran coffee farmers

For years, Fundación CO.HONDUCAFE and the 4C Association have been working to help Honduran farmers face a number of challenges that put at risk the future of their businesses and to improve their resilience by adopting more sustainable practices.

The Foundation has been training farmers on sustainability standards, fertilization, soil analysis and empowerment of women and young people in the coffee farming, among others.

The 4C Association, on its side, has been promoting the uptake of the 4C Code of Conduct, the baseline sustainability standard for the coffee sector. At the end of 2014, 4C Compliant Coffee covered over 74,000 hectares, 26% of land under coffee cultivation in the country.

Aware of the benefits of collaboration, both CO.HONDUCAFE Foundation and the 4C Association have now decided to unite their efforts to accelerate the spread of sustainability practices in the Honduran coffee sector.

To this end, both organizations signed a Memorandum of Understanding during the Swiss Coffee Dinner, in Switzerland, on 2nd of October.

As part of the cooperation agreement, CO.HONDUCAFE Foundation will contribute by spreading the 4C Code of Conduct through its training activities with the objective of making it as widely used as possible in the country, and ultimately become the reference baseline standard and playing level field at national level.

Besides this, both organisations have agreed to exchange experiences, knowledge and collaborate on concrete programs and projects to contribute to the overall improvement of capacities among Honduras’s coffee producing communities.

For more information about this cooperation agreement and the work of the 4C Association in Central America, please get in touch with Guillermo Belloso, Manager Latin America for the 4C Association.