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Technicians Guild Summit: a two-day event for technicians from all over the world

Guild-Foto-di-Gruppo Group photo with the participants at the Coffee Technicians Guild Summit
Group photo with the participants at the Coffee Technicians Guild Summit

BINASCO (Milan) – The Coffee Technicians Guild Summit, organized in collaboration with the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) to train technicians and experts in espresso machines, grinder and batch brew machines, recently arrived for the first time in Italy. The event was held from 14th to 16th May at the MUMAC Academy in Binasco (Milan).

Cristina Caroli, the outgoing coordinator of SCA Italy who attended the event, gives us an insight into how it went.

by Cristina Caroli

We are the country that invented the espresso machine and therefore has the greatest density of espresso machine producers and I must say that it seems natural to see an event like the Coffee Technicians Guild Summit being hosted in Italy.

It was a triumphant two-day event with over 100 participants from 16 European countries and Australia, workshops in both English and Italian and educational system certifications devoted to the world of machine technicians.

A location equipped with every detail and with extra emotion: MUMAC

Technicians Guild Summit
One of the visits to the MUMAC Museum with Enrico Maltoni

We were welcomed in a location that I would describe as exciting: MUMAC, Gruppo Cimbali’s MUMAC Academy and Service Training Centre. A production, training and heritage site that left the participants speechless.

The reception on the first day starred Manuela Fensore, our Italian champion, who will soon compete at the World Championships in Berlin. Manuela pampered and charmed the participants at the Coffee Technicians Guild Summit with her beautiful decorated cappuccinos and disarming smile. A shining example of Italian-style hospitality.

Technicians Guild Summit
Latte Art champion Manuela Fensore, who will represent Italy at the World Championships in Berlin

On behalf of SCA Italy, I would like to thank Gruppo Cimbali, which did everything to facilitate the event, which is part of the SCA Guild circuit, ensuring the organisation of numerous laboratories, workshops and educational sessions thanks to various classrooms and meeting rooms equipped with every detail.

Technicians Guild Summit
One of the rooms in the extraordinary location made available by Gruppo Cimbali

Many very interesting topics were covered, both in Italian and English, for which we thank all the teachers who created tailored content:

  • Introduction to the multimeter
  • Espresso Grinder technology and repair
  • Practical applications of the multimeter
  • The future of connection technology
  • History of the espresso machine
  • Water treatment and coffee quality
  • Espresso extraction technologies and skills
  • Hydraulics: foundation level
Technicians Guild Summit
One of the event’s sessions

A very positive figure for the SCA system is that the event is experiencing strong growth with an increase of around 40% in participants compared to the previous year in Italy, for which I recall that Astoria had the great merit of being the pioneering company that introduced this type of event in Italy.

Technicians Guild Summit
Practical session on an espresso machine

Interestingly, the growth percentage was the same as it was for the 2018 US edition. This is clear evidence that the global technician community is developing and appreciates these dedicated training and social events.

Organizers and coordinators of the Coffee Technicians Guild Summit

The organizational system was designed and created by Edgardo Ferrero, Gruppo Cimbali’s Quality & Technical Director, who did the honours on behalf of Gruppo Cimbali.

Edgardo Ferrero, the Technicians Guild Summit’s organizational system manager

Ferrero joined SCA’s staff, consisting of:

  • Ben Helt (USA)
  • Hannah Davies (UK)
  • James Shepherd (UK)
  • Laura Hughes (UK)
  • Mansi Choski (USA)
James Shepherd, Mansi Choski and Hannah Davies

Coordinated by the Coffee Technicians Guild Leadership Council’s working group:

  • Marco Serri – Nuova Simonelli – Membership and Events Europe
  • Erika Mondadori – Nuova Ricambi – Summit Events Europe
  • Lorenzo Roncali – Gruppo Cimbali – Chair Education

All of whom made a tireless, constant contribution.

Choski, Roncali, Mondadori, Muhl and Serri

Social evening at the Flagship with Francesco Corona

There was also an enjoyable informal social event at the Faema Flagship in Milan, a very cool multi-purpose facility in which the group gathered for an evening with music. The true highlight of the evening were the incredible cocktails created by Francesco Corona, who captivated his audience with his class and professionalism.

At every event, Francesco proves himself to be a great champion and representative of Italian coffee-bartending.

Francesco Corona

Marzocco and Espresso Solutions scholarship

Three young people were able to participate in the Technicians Guild with travel, accommodation and training costs offered by Marzocco and Espresso solutions. An opportunity designed for young people who need financial support, since they are not supported by a large company.

Here are the winners:

From left: Rhys Prosser, Jessica Sartiani and Jonnathan Martins

Italy’s contribution to the SCA training system

Italy thus made a major contribution to the most authoritative event for training and bringing together technicians.

The event was widely covered on social media

Testifying to how the concepts of the SCA and specialty coffee are gaining ground in Italy: because the specialty coffee world is characterized by excellence at all levels and throughout the supply chain, whose crowning achievement may be the espresso machine thanks to technicians connected to the world of quality and high-level training.

The partners who contributed to the Coffee Technicians Guild Summit

Thanks to everyone for this wonderful experience, which we hope will soon be repeated in Italy, creating a kind of continuity that is almost natural for a country that is so dedicated to making coffee machines.

Cristina Caroli
Outgoing National Coordinator
SCA Italy