Saturday 21 May 2022

Talented barista creates miniature masterpieces inside cups of coffee

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SEOUL, South Korea – A young barista is adding flair to the average latte by creating miniature masterpieces within the parameters of a coffee cup. Kangbin Lee is one of the talented coffee artists expanding the latte art scene in Korea as the trend grows in popularity.

The coffee-art enthusiast uses a thin metal rod and a palette of food dyes to transform a dull latte in to a remarkable work of art.

Lee said he draws inspiration from a number of different places.

“There are various themes, such as movies, politics, anniversaries, national holidays,” he told Daily Mail Australia.

The coffee-art-creator said his work can take anywhere from one minute to one hour – the most important thing for him is to “put my heart into it”.

As the 11th largest coffee market in the world South Korea’s coffee industry has significantly increased consumption and importing rates over the past five years.

Kangbin Lee is one of the skilful artists wanting to help the coffee industry grow.

When creating his artwork Lee wanted to dismiss the limitations of traditional latte art by introducing colours and a wider range of designs the Perfect Daily Grind reported.

“I hope to breathe new life into an otherwise isolated path in the industry,” he said at Cafe Show Korea.

From drinkable interpretations of famous paintings such as Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ to favourite cartoon characters and portraits he shows of his ability with every cup he creates.

The amazing artist has evolved once-famed brown heart-shape or flower latte art to include the wise of vibrant colours and vivid designs.

He can pull off a number of awe-inspiring designs including Belle and the Beast from ‘Beauty & the Beast’, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and ‘Pokemon’.

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